Monday, September 19, 2011

I Failed the Real Estate Test

A couple of days ago, I took the test, the one you apparently need to pass to successfully sell real estate.  I've had my real estate broker's license for several years, but it turned out that the state-required licensing test apparently wasn't the one I would really need to pass.

According to columnist Bernice Ross in a recent Inman News column, I need to pass the DISC test.  It's a psychological assessment test based on D for Dominance, I for Influencing, S for Steadiness and C for Compliance.

"D" people are the hard-charging, get it done yesterday type.  Often wrong, but seldom uncertain, to them, it's better to ask for foregiveness later than permission in the first place.

I pretty much fail at D.  As a middle sibling, I always seek consensus and collaboration before leaping into the breech

"I"-type people are trusting, optimistic and engaging.  They love to talk and tend not to get things done, unless they also have a high D score.

I think I might get a C- on I on a good day.  I'm sometimes all of that trusting-optimistic-engaging stuff, but sometime never, so that part averages out.  The only one I pretty much trust all the time is my dog, Pippin, and she doesn't totally trust me all the time.  But I'm bad a getting things done and my D is low, so I get downgraded here. 

Steadiness got my hopes up.  I'm a Capricorn and we're steady as as ocean liners.  "S" people live very regular patterns, like eating shredded wheat with bananas for every weekday breakfast at 7 a.m.  They don't like getting out of their comfort zones and they don't like sudden change.

B+, even an A- here.  I HATE cold calling and won't do it, for example.  Very S, no?  I do have broad daily patterns I like to keep to, but that's mostly so I won't forget what I'm supposed to be doing more than it is an attachment to pattern.  Still, my wife would tell you my daily rhythms are set in stone, and to that I say I like dinner's leftovers for breakfast and not shredded wheat.

"C" people are detail-oriented.  They're cautious and like to get it right the first time. That's me--I hate failing, mostly because I cringe when someone points out my failings. Engineers and CPAs have high C.

Hmm.  Maybe a B-, here.I am definitely not detail-oriented, but I'm pretty careful and cautious.  I could never be a CPA, because I'd make too many arithmetic errors.

When you're all done with the test, you get to average together your I's and D's and C's and all that, and then lay out what you are.  I sort of visualized this part as a truncated Scrabble game describing your life.  Anyway:  You can be a DS, a CI, or maybe a DCSI or whatever.

Anyway, to be a successful real estate broker, you need to have high D and I scores.  Think, um, George Bush II or Ronald Reagan.  Bill Clinton. Michele Bachmann. Or imagine any insirational speaker you've heard (or get stuck with at PBS fundraising--Suze Orman, anyone?).

And when it's all done, here's what you get to be, if only you PASS THE TEST:


  1. Aren't you glad you didn't pass? Did it have a lot of stupid questions that you could immediately tell which quality they related to, like a Cosmo quiz? So if you want to be a D, you just give a high number or positive answers to all the D questions?

  2. Actually, I didn't take it. I've done enough of those stupid Myers-Briggsy things to know the answer in advance. This all needs to be taken to the next level and combined with Kubler-Ross stages of grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining,Depression, and Acceptance. Hmm. That could be another blog post. :)