Monday, September 5, 2011

Spare Change You Can Believe In

Half the country wants it to rain $20 bills.  The other half thinks maybe a faith-based economic program shutting down everything from the FAA to the Post Office will turn things around.

The Plucky Observer interviewed former Federal Reserve Chair Alan Greenspan for his opinion:

You've gotta love Obama's defenders talking about "leading from behind."  Outside of a possible hemorrhoid cure, that sounds pretty oxymoronic.

Waiting for the Obama administration to offer up a huge economic plan is like waiting for Charlie Brown to kick the football Lucy tees up.  True, they saved the world financial system, kept the American auto industry afloat, managed to pass a universal health care bill of sorts, get Osama bin Laden, wind down the war in Iraq, and what-not.  But that was then and this is now.

Every responsible economist from either side of the political debate (except the ones with degrees from Oral Roberts) is calling for a big spending stimulus. Will Obama do it in his big economic growth speech before a joint session of Congress Thursday?

Probably not.  That's too out front.  But then, Charlie Brown might really kick that football, too.  Right.  The Prez will probably meekly suggest a tax credit to businesses for hiring someone, so they can hire someone they don't need, take the tax credit and lay the person off again.

Now, that's change you can believe in.

The speech will precede opening night of professional football, where someone will really kick a football someone else tees up.  Is that a good sign?

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