Monday, December 31, 2012

Day One: So Many DIstractions

First was the day's news, which has become something of a ballad with a refrain, except all you get to hear is the refrain. But still. What's not to love about a cliff you're about to go over? 

Cable news is so seductive when the people rant, shame, warn, scare and blame. It's like the good old days of Sunday school. Today I listened to FOX News. Yesterday, MSNBC. What's so cool is that you know what the interviewee is going to say before he/she says it when you see the D or R after his/her name.

But the news people manage to build this will we-won't we go over the cliff tension that's very seductive. And distracting. And a time suck. It's like the people waiting outside when Sunday school was over.

And this ordeal was followed by a Facebook thread on what kind of verb should be used with a collective noun. For example, should the nouns "variety" or "family" take a singular or plural verb?

Should it be, "A variety of options is available," or "A variety of options are available?" And if you think you know, then should it be, "A family of five needs a home," or "A family of five need a home?"

This consumed a half hour and is not resolved as of this moment.

But for all that, I wrote not 500 words, but 798!  Nearly 800, and if I hadn't been summoned for--well, never mind--I may have done 1,000 or more.

This is good. This is good.

And the project is starting to look like a novel. Why? I think it's because the whole enterprise began with this strange song entering my brain from out of the blue six or eight months ago. I am totally serious about this. It really happened, and it is--was--weird and unsettling. Not only will the song not go away, but another crept in a few weeks ago. Sometimes, they wake me up at night.

I can play a guitar, a bit, and eons ago, I flailed at piano lessons. I like music as much as then next person, but songwriting is definitely not in my DNA.

So, a song not written--words and music intruding into my awareness? I did nothing to deserve this. I can scarcely carry a tune.

Anyway...more on this tomorrow--the song,the novel, the people in it. Kind of scary, actually.

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