Thursday, December 20, 2012

Pro Drug Advocates Push Back!

In the wake of federal and state efforts fight the drugs in schools with counseling, education and law enforcement, pro-drug advocates have been largely silent.

Today, they are pushing back against what they see as threats to their Ninth Amendment rights. Legislators, mostly southern and Republican (not counting a few whack jobs from Orange County) insist it's time for teachers and school officials to get more drugs.

In Virginia, Republican Bob Marshall has proposed a bill that would require at least one school staff member to carry a syringe of high-quality heroin. "In some schools, we have several staff members on the public dole who spend wasted hours on drug education," Marshall said. It's just plain silly and a waste of money. With my bill, if a kid comes into school with the intent to peddle drugs, a teacher or principal can just shoot him up and get on with the business of teaching."

The drug problem in America, Marshall and other Ninth Amendment advocates insist, can only be solved with more drugs. "The only way to stop a kid on drugs is with a man with drugs," he said.

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