Sunday, December 16, 2012

Reduce the Ownership of Guns--Now

No good reason exists for unlimited ownership of firearms, or of there is one, I haven't heard it.

This conclusion pains me to a degree, because a few minutes ago, I supported gun ownership. Not unlimited, certainly, but within some undefined limits. But no more.

Two reasons are offered for unfettered firearm ownership. The first is protection for family and home. The second is defense against a tyrannical government set on taking our rights.

I get wanting to protect home and family against creeping intruders, but come on. How often does that happen? How many people do you know who are victims of violent crime? Is this such a prevalent occurrence that you need a high-capacity magazine weapon to spray bullets at the miscreant sneaking into your home?

Seriously? Are you going to skulk through the darkness of your home to shoot an intruder you can't see? And do you want to get into a firefight with a home intruder? Do you want to likewise spray your house and neighborhood with bullets? 

The whole protection thing defies reason. If this is your life, you need to rethink  your right to exist.

The tyranny thing is even more mind-boggling. Let's takes the worst case and assume a Hitler-like entity took over the government and was going to rip up the Constitution. That this is a wacko, far-out possibility doesn't need to enter into the discussion.

Bad guys take over the federal government, and you--and let's say a thousand others, all armed with AR-15s, high-capacity magazine Glocks and whatever--take cover somewhere. Anywhere. How long do you think you'd last against one--just one--Army or Marine platoon?

This argument is less logical than the home protection one.

Know what? I'm totally open on this. I want someone to change my mind. Do you have a reason for unfettered gun ownership? Lay it on me, Pal.

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