Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Guns, Penises and Vaginas: What's Not Being Asked

What got me off on this post was the Colorado legislature and governor dealing with the issue of firearm violence reduction. They've done a really good job, actually, of getting views expressed. Are minds changed? Mine kind of is, in a nuanced way, but let's not get into that. Most people's minds are made up, inconvenient facts notwithstanding.

That said, the two most important questions are not making it into the discussion. The first: Why, in the United States of America, do so many people decide to solve their problems with mortal violence, or threat thereof? 

Far and away, the vast number of gun deaths are men whacking their girlfriends or wives, closely followed by bar or domestic disputes. When some guy gets upset with his woman, or the woman he wants to be his woman, why do guys think the problem will be solved if he shoots her? Or, if a guy gets pissed at another guy in a bar, why is the first impulse so often to shoot? 

Or road rage. Or whatever. Don't like my face? Boom goes the Glock.

I'm not hearing anyone, either in government or lay life, discuss this one.

The second issue, related, is this: Does having immediate access to a gun make an angry person do something he/she might not otherwise do? Say an angry person gets unreasonably cut off in traffic, and all he has is a a slingshot. Or nothing. What does he do vs. what-does-he-do if he has a gun?

My impulse is to suspect the answer is yes, that if he has a gun, he will behave differently than if he does not have one. But this very compelling article in The Atlantic makes me think twice.

The point isn't whether or not I'm right. The point is that no one's talking about these. And the no one talking about them is the one who will be making the law.

The part in the title about penises and vaginas? Loss leader, I guess.

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