Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Scary Trees

I know I ramble on too much about our landscape here, but I can't get over it sometimes. When it didn't snow much in January and February, things looked kind of bleak. The days were sunny, but they were short because it was dark early and late. The out-of-doors took on a monochromatic quality sometimes, with the pond a kind of glassy, gunmetal gray, the ground and flora pretty desiccated, the air chilly and thin, the sky fading.

And while walking through all this one evening, I noticed how scary the trees were, all old and spindly with muscled branches twisting off in mysterious ways. They were the kind of trees you'd see in old black-and-white movies, when the lightning would strike and reveal Frankenstein. 

In some, you could see Merlin appear. A bad fairy or evil dwarf might also lurk inside. 

 What to make of this one? My guess is that it can talk. It's clearly very angry about something, and you wouldn't dare go near without someone else with you.

This stand one may well have hidden a unicorn. On the other hand, a troll could also live there with a bunch of his nasty friends who eat raw birds and large frogs. It could also house those horrid little creatures that hide under your bed and grab your feet if you dangle them over the side.

If you stood near this one when no one else was looking, a door would open and you'd see a staircase going down, down, down. If you peeked inside, a wraith-like wind would snatch you inside and the door would disappear and you'd be gone forever. The stairs would lead to a stone dungeon and a skeleton would be manacled to the wall, right next to a small door that didn't ever seem to open, except you'd wonder how the skeleton's manacles got there.

Can't you see an elf lying down on one of the big branches and leaning on her elbow, looking at you? Or Merlin sitting there with his feet dangling? It could also have a magic door that only opens from the inside, where you'd escape the dungeon if the dungeon door would somehow open.

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