Thursday, November 28, 2013

Are You There, God? Or, Whatever, in Mendocino

Anyone who's driven Highway 1 on the California coast will visualize this.

A few miles before Mendocino, Arnie rolled his Miata, which went crashing down the canyon into the ocean. Since it was a convertible, he was able to escape and grab a Monterey pine branch about halfway down, which was hard, given the momentum of the fall.

Anyway, he did it, and for several moments, he'd look down and watch the waves roll his red Miata, and then up to see...nothing, save the outer rim of the highway shoulder and partial glimpses of the guard rail.

Yes, he did pee his pants. At least it was warm. Anyone who's ever been on this part of Highway 1 will get that.

Anyway. After holding onto the branch of what seemed like hours, he realized he wouldn't be able to hold on forever, and began screaming "Help! Help!" as loudly as he could into the Pacific fog. Someone wold probably see the gap in the guard rail, he hoped. But it didn't seem to happen. "Can anybody even hear me?" he shouted.

A voice boomed down from the clouds. "I can hear you," the voice said.

"Oh, God," Arnie said, relieved. "Can you help me?"

"Do you believe in God?" the voice said.

"Oh, yes, yes yes!!" Arnie replied in his most solicitous tone.

"If you believe in God, let go of the branch," the voice said.

Arnie considered the offer. "Can anybody else hear me?" he shouted.

And on this day, I am thankful for my father's stories. Peace and love to all.

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